free 1 week course with 7 daily Photo activities

Establish a regular Photography Practice

The key to being a creative photographer is your practice. This FREE 1 week course will help you to establish a regular photography practice. Commit to 7 days of photo activity and change your attitude to your photography development.
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Don't just take my word for it

Doing the work is everything. Success comes when you do the work. Fulfilment comes when you do the work.
Steven Pressfield: author of The War of Art
Creativity is an action, not a feeling. Your work is too important to be left to how you feel today.
Seth Godin: author of The Practice

What's included?

  • 7 Days of photo activity
  • Private community group
  • Personal feedback on every photo
  • 16 short videos

You are a Photographer 

A regular photography practice is essential if you want to grow as a photographer. You can fit this in with your life, and in this 7 day course Lee will support you to establish a practice that works for you.

Commit to 7 days.....

 ... and change your photography. You just need to squeeze in 10 minutes a day, and then a 1 hour slot on the last day. You can do that right? You can use any digital camera, you just need to do the practice!
Meet your tutor

Lee Aspland

Lee Aspland is a photographer, artist, writer and tutor. His mindful approach to photography has been shaped by a midlife health crisis. Lee has used these life experiences and the knowledge gained, to develop online courses and eBooks that will support you to transform your photos and well-being through Mindful Photography.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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