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Photography skills development through mindful activities, with your well-being at its heart.
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The Ultimate Mindful Photography Course. Learn how aligning your head, your eye and your heart can improve your photos.
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Students love Mindful Photography 

Lee has broken down the steps towards learning mindful photography in a logical and easy to digest way. I really enjoyed the step by step, week by week approach. His support, knowledge and own artistic practice make his courses a really enjoyable learning experience where the student will learn to see the world through new eyes.
Lee's courses have helped me to re-focus my attention to the world around me and to find the daily purpose which allows me stay grounded, and experience my thoughts and emotions by accepting them. Activities are well thought through and encourage curiosity, at the same time letting the world to unfold and to reveal its beauty.
Lee's course was a turning point in my photography, not only from a technical and creative point of view, but especially in my mental attitude. The routine of meditating, taking, posting and commenting the daily photo and the weekly activity were a great support, it's an anchor to slow down.

What's included?

  • 8 Weeks of Learning
  • 44 Videos 
  • 11 Mindful Photography Activities
  • 6 Guided Meditations
  • Private Community Group
  • 1 eBook + 10 extra Mindful Photography Activities

Photography for Well-Being

This is the ultimate Mindful Photography Course designed with your well-being at its heart, based on recent research. Mindful Photography will change how you see the world, transform your photos and support your well-being through innovative, imaginative, mindful photography activities. Become present and more attuned to your life by regularly doing Mindful Photography 

Designed with you in mind

Every element of this course has you in mind and takes account of published University well-being research. It's delivered in weekly stages, with full support from your tutor and your private Community Group. Each week builds on the last, with learning that leads to life changing possibilities. Every section takes account of how much fun learning can be. It really is as much like a live course as an online course can be!


Lee Aspland is a photographer, artist, writer and tutor. His mindful approach to photography has been shaped by a midlife health crisis. Lee has used these life experiences and the knowledge gained, to develop online courses and eBooks that will support you to transform your photos and well-being through Mindful Photography.
Lee with his photo 'Where's the Brexit?' at the Royal Academy
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