A guide to creative Multiple Exposure and ICM

This innovative photography course in Multiple Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) will help you to create marvelous abstract photos. 
What's it all about?

What's it all about?


What learners say

I joined Lee’s course on Multiple Exposure techniques. I found his tuition very insightful and it encouraged me to go out and experiment. What I found of real value was the ‘Community’ comprising of others who were doing the course. It was fascinating sharing my work with them and in turn looking at what they were doing. It was an extremely well organised course and an effective portal for sharing work. It is good to learn from others and I have seen techniques that I’m definitely going to try out.
I have always been a keen photographer and thanks to Lee my camera and I have built a special relationship. Somehow Lee always manage to keep participants on a level plane, no matter how different the individual skill levels are, and it is because of this reason that I substantially improved my photographic skills. I look forward to the next course as it will expose me to new artistic concepts, improve my technical skills, encourage mindfulness and enable me to express my feelings through photography.

What's included?

  • Learn online at your pace
  • 15 Videos
  • 9 Photography Activities
  • 1 Private Community Group
  • Blended learning approach
  • Expert Tutor

Your pace. With support

This is an online course completed at your own pace. However, you are not on your own. Everyone who is doing the course shares their photos and comments in the same private Community Group. I comment on all of your photos too.

New skills. Creative fun!

Put the ideas presented to you into action and create your own weird and marvelous photos. All you need is a camera that allows you to create multiple exposures in camera. Make sure you don't miss the video below about camera types that are suitable.
What camera do you need?

Is your camera suitable for this course?

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