Mindful Photography 101 (updated)

An introduction to Mindful Photography. Mindfulness + Photography will transform your photos from good to great. Align your head, your eye and your heart.
What's it all about?

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Students love it 

Lee has broken down the steps towards learning mindful photography in a logical and easy to digest way and his support, knowledge and own artistic practice make his courses a really enjoyable learning experience where the student will learn to see the world through new eyes.
I’ve attended and enjoyed several of Lee’s courses. As someone who also teaches photography, both online and offline, I’ve always found Lee’s work to be of the highest standard. He’s also very skilled at accommodating a diverse audience, as well as listening to, and addressing any concerns.

Lee's courses have helped me to re-focus my attention to the world around me, develop mindful attitudes and to find the daily purpose which allows me stay grounded, and experience my thoughts and emotions by accepting them. Activities are well thought through and encourage curiosity, at the same time letting the world to unfold and to reveal its beauty.


What's included?

  • 6 Sections
  • 19 Videos + 5 Audios
  • 8 Mindful Photography Activities
  • 1 eBook
  • A Community Group

Become Mindful 

You will learn how you can use what you see as a mindful anchor when you are creating photos. Each photography activity will support you to become more mindful

Create great photos

You will learn how Mindful Photography can help you to put your head, your eye and your heart on the same axis. Transforming your photos from good to great.
Meet the instructor

Lee Aspland

Lee Aspland is a photographer, author and mindful practitioner. His photographs capture a moment in time, a fleeting feeling or thought. This is Mindful Photography. Lee’s journey to this understanding has been shaped by a midlife health crisis that led to an exploration of who he was and who he is now. Lee now uses these experiences and the knowledge gained to help others understand their own life through Mindful Photography.

Lee Aspland - Course author
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