My aim is to transform your photos and life

Mindful Photography can have a transformative effect upon your photos and life. By combining mindfulness and photography you will learn how to align your head, your eye and your heart; creating great photos that illuminate your life.
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I am Lee Aspland. I am a Mindful Photographer

Art imitating life

I am a photographer, writer and mindful practitioner. I create photographs that capture a moment in time, a fleeting feeling or thought, a hope or fear. This is Mindful Photography.

How I got here

My journey to this understanding of photography has been shaped a health crisis in midlife. I use the knowledge gained to help others understand their own journey through Mindful Photography.

Sharing the joy

I share my approach to photography here and in eBooks. These help you to develop your photography skills, enhance your ability to see a photograph and encourage you to create photos that illuminate your life. 


My Mindful Photography Academy offers online courses that can enable you to explore your life through photography. This process will put your head, your eye and your heart on the same axis. Transforming your photos from good to great.

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