Transform your photos from good to great

Participate in a mindful, social, engaging and interactive online academy. Get the learning experience you deserve      

Benefits of Mindful Photography

The potential to transform your photos and your life

Learn by Doing

Develop your photography skills and techniques by applying mindful approaches to your practice

Learn by Being

Develop mindfulness as you experience innovative activities that teach you photography skills

From Good to Great

Develop your seeing skills, connect to your feelings and create photos that align your head, eye and heart.

Students love Mindful Photography

I really enjoyed the step by step, week by week approach. The Mindful Photography activities were challenging but I threw myself into the tasks and was amazed at the pictures I was able to create.
I have looked at life differently, slowed down. Mindful Photography is something I don't think I will ever lose, it's like a bug that has got under my skin. I'm not going to be able to lose it.
I've seen things I've never seen before. It’s not just about getting an amazing photo, but about taking time to appreciate the little things. I had a smile on my face for the whole time and I still feel uplifted now.

See more, feel more, create great photos

Get Closer To Your Life

Are you feeling underwhelmed by your photos? Would you like to create photos that say something of how you find the world? How it makes you feel? Mindful Photography will help you learn how to create great photos that align what you think and feel with what you see.  Transform your photographs and your life through Mindful Photography

Learn the Art of Mindful Photography

I will help you create photographs that exceed your expectations. I will do this by slowing your photography practice down, tuning you into what you can see and how you feel. Once you start practicing Mindful Photography you will never see the world quite the same again.


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